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Sorry Sangat -..-
26 August 2011 | 12:34 | 0 BlackWhite

* I swear I Love You
* Look after my heart.. I've left it with you..
* I'll be waiting for you here.. Inside my heart.., I'm the one who wants to love you more..
I can give you everything you need.., Let me to be the one to love you more..
* If I have to choose between leaving you and breathing.., I would use my last breath to say
* The shortest word I know is "I" ... The sweetes word I know is " LOVE"..
and the person I never forget is "You"
* It's hard to fallin love with someone who can's love you back

Asalamualaikum !
malam tadi someone bagi aku puisi atas nihh !
kayy , aku mmg ta ley sayang die mcm mane die sayang aku
aku bukan na show off but aku tao die akan bace setiap post aku nih .
aku mintak maaf sgt kat die sbb aku betol-2 ta ley terime die .
aku da ade azrai . aku mmg betol-2 sayang die .
aku ta na ptos dgn die .
aku pon sayang kao , tp sbgi adex  dan kawan .
aku slalu anggap kao lha diary yang paling setia .
kay ? 

da na raye nihh tp mcm ta sempat na mintakk maaf kat semue orang . 
haihh ! guys , aku mintakk maaf dry hujong rambot hingge hujong kaki .

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